Lubricant Feeder

Gantry Crane

It is mainly suitable for quantitative distribution and continuous supply of powdered materials, and can evenly add materials to the next process equipment. It is often used in automatic batching, such as in the chemical industry. During the production process, if lubricant (auxiliary material) needs to be added, adding a feeder to control the amount of lubricant is necessary to automate the production process. equipment. Applicable to chemical industry, machinery factory, cement industry, food industry...etc.


Product Features

The feeders manufactured by our company are wear-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, moisture-proof, and explosion-proof. They are suitable for adding materials of various properties. Whether they are materials with high viscosity or low fluidity, they can be fed easily and accurately. In addition, the machine has high assembly accuracy and extremely small gaps, making it difficult to accumulate materials, causing unnecessary waste and losses. In addition, the machine can be fully automated and integrated to meet the industry's automated production standards. It is easy to operate and is indispensable for production line automation. product. It has simple operation, automatic control, constant speed and quantification, accurate feeding, easy disassembly and assembly, and convenient cleaning. In addition, the addition amount can be customized according to customer needs from 0.3 to 1000kg/Hr.



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