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The Static Mixer Is A High-Efficiency Mixing Device Without Power Requirement. It Can Be Widely Used In Many Different Industry. Converting Only A Small Portion Of The Energy Of The Fluid Itself Into Mixed Energy, And Using The Precisely Designed Blades To Bring Fluid Into The Mixer Tube. After The Process Of Division, Reversal, Mixing And Rectification, The Purpose Of Good Dispersion And Thorough Mixing Between The Mixtures Is Achieved. Compared With Traditional Mixing Equipment, Static Mixers Have The Advantages Of Compact Structure, Low Energy Consumption, Low Investment, High Operational Flexibility And No Need To Maintenance. Our Static Mixers Can Be Customized According To Customer's Requirement.

The Hanging Structure And The H Type Steel Surface Is Treated By Epoxy Powder Coating, Beautiful And Safe.The Operation Is Based On Safety. Hand-Held Operator Is Mechanical Interlocked. The Circuit Control Is Also Electrical Interlocked. There Is No Complicated Installation Only Easy, Convenient And Safe Assembly. The Service Life Can Reach To More Than 20 Years Under Proper Operation And Maintenance.Customer’s Own Special Inquiry Is Highly Welcome.


Detailed description

The static mixer does not require external energy. It uses the kinetic energy and potential energy of the fluid itself to mix the fluid. It is acted by the mixing blades in the tube. The blades make the fluid in the tube rotate left and sometimes right, constantly changing the flow direction to fully mix the fluid. , produces good results.

"SK type static mixer" is made of single-channel left and right twisted spiral plates welded at 90 degrees offset. The maximum dispersion degree is ≤10μm. It is used for liquid-liquid phase and liquid-solid phase mixing. It is not easy to block. It is suitable for use In the mixing, reaction, extraction, absorption, color matching, heat transfer and other processes of highly viscous media with a viscosity of ≤10 6mPa·S.



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